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Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

Saturday 16th March, 2019 7pm-11pm

@ The Studio & Co. 200 Marine Parade, Hastings

Encapsulating the evolution of fire, PRMITV showcases the art of ancient cooking styles involving flames. Finesse Catering joins glassblower, Leisa Wharington in her creative space – The Studio and Co.

Guests will be met with unparalleled culinary creations inspired and cooked on open flames. Experience one-off dishes like Hawkes “clay baked” potatoes, Athabaskan style salmon, charred gin octopus & smoked campfire dessert.

Snapshot: Delicious range of canapés, a six-dish shared feast and dessert, accompanied by an endless amount of The Old Apple Shed’s full range of wines and ciders. Bonus, Drops Of Jupiter gin distilled fresh on the night

Fresh and inspiring menus to suit any occasion

The Finesse catering group provides professional catering to the Mornington Peninsula and beyond.